Garage Door Roller Repair
Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage Door Roller Repair in Naples, FL

Your garage door rollers have an important “roll” to play, but if you’re like many homeowners we meet on a daily basis, you might not even know where your garage door rollers are located. But that’s okay — after all, we’re here to help, not hassle you! At Mo Better Garage, we specialize in garage door repair service, and that includes service for your garage door rollers.

Here’s what you need to know about garage door rollers: These small but important parts allow your doors to smoothly roll up and down the garage door track, providing a friction-free, safe opening solution. So it goes without saying that when your garage rollers stop working properly, your garage door won’t work either.

If your door squeaks, squeals, or pulls unevenly, you probably have a roller problem on your hands. While regular maintenance can help put off the need for repairs, eventually, you will need assistance from an experienced technician, and that’s where Mo Better Garage comes in. We work with many different types of garage rollers, including steel, nylon, and more, and we’re committed to complete customer satisfaction. No matter what, we’ll always help you find the best way to fix your rollers —. and stay within your budget!

The Area’s Best Garage Door Roller Repair Company

Mo Better Garage is the top roller team in Southwest Florida. Our company has spent years replacing rollers in and around the Fort Myers area, and we tackle every job with a positive and professional attitude.

Need garage door roller repair in Naples, FL? You have access to our prompt and professional service throughout most of Southwest FL, including but not limited to:

  • Collier County
  • Charlotte County
  • Lee County
  • Bonita Springs
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Fort Myers
  • Marco Island

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Garage Door Roller Repair Services

Get things moving again with our professional garage door roller repair services! As soon as your garage doors start encountering excessive friction or making unusual noises, don’t hesitate to call our crew to schedule garage door roller repair in Naples, FL. Our trusty garage door wheel repair pros will have things back to normal in no time.

As we mentioned before, it’s important to remember that garage door rollers come in different types. Some popular materials for garage door rollers include metal (steel), nylon, and plastic, although there are other rollers out there as well. Steel ones are durable, but they tend to make more noise and require more maintenance than their counterparts. On the other hand, plastic and nylon garage door rollers offer quieter operation and require less frequent maintenance. In order to ensure optimal performance, it’s important to choose the right roller for your particular needs. So before replacing garage door rollers on a whim, always speak with a garage door technician to learn more about the specific garage door parts that you need.

Because it can be risky to repair or replace garage door rollers by yourself, we don’t recommend DIY solutions when problems pop up. In order to protect yourself, you should always contact a professional for garage door wheel repair, garage door roller replacement, or anything else that involves coming into contact with moving parts, elevated heights, and sharp edges. We have the specialized tools, training, and time to handle these issues with expertise, so don’t lift a finger after you give us a call!

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The Benefits of Sealed Nylon Rollers:

No two garages are alike, and we don’t always recommend the same equipment. However, we do recommend installing sealed nylon garage door rollers whenever possible. Here’s why nylon is the new roller material champion:

  • Nylon rollers make your garage door quieter, eliminating that unpleasant squeaking or grinding noise.
  • Nylon rollers make your garage door smoother.
  • Nylon rollers help reduce stress on the motor of your automatic garage door opener, making it less likely to break.
  • Nylon motors are nearly maintenance-free (especially when compared to steel rollers).
  • Nylon rollers have a longer lifespan than other garage door rollers (when properly maintained) and have higher cycle ratings than other rollers.
  • Nylon rollers are affordable and cost-effective for most budgets, so replacing your existing rollers with nylon ones can save you money.

Interested in reaping these benefits? A Mo Better technician is just one call away for garage door roller repair in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas.Well

Garage Door Roller Maintenance

Routine garage door roller maintenance can’t fix damaged rollers, but it can help preserve the life of your current garage door rollers if they’re in decent shape. Here are some ways to protect your steel, plastic, or nylon garage door rollers from damage:

  • Regularly inspect both top and bottom garage door rollers for wear and tear.
  • Make sure that steel rollers are lubricated on a regular basis. Speak with a technician to learn about your door’s ideal lubrication schedule. (Nylon rollers do not need lubrication, but your door’s track and ball bearings may still require it.)
  • Clean the tracks to prevent dirt and debris from clogging them up.
  • Ensure that all screws, bolts, and other components of your door system are tightened as needed. If you are unsure of what to do, call us! We can show you how to tighten hinges, check each bracket, and safely care for your garage door.
  • Pay attention to any strange noises that your garage door might make and address them if necessary.
  • Learn the age of your garage door equipment. If you have an old roller system, keep in mind that it may need repairs or replacement in the near future.

Garage Door Track Repair

A bent track is one of the most annoying garage door problems to deal with since you’ll have a hard time even moving your door if you don’t fix the broken track. We are more than happy to assist with all parts of garage door track repair, or we can fix your problem by replacing the broken track altogether. If you notice a bend in your track, you can’t slide the door open all the way, or you suspect that one side of the door appears uneven, book repairs now. The long-term cost of letting your track remain damaged can often exceed the cost of replacement, so don’t allow this type of wear and tear to continue any longer than you absolutely must. If you see these or other signs, contact us today, and we’ll start repairing your door ASAP!

Our Other Garage Door Services

Alongside garage door roller repair in Naples, FL, Mo Better Garage can also help you with garage door roller replacement, garage door opener services, and much more. Don’t need roller replacement or repair? Check out a few of our other specialties below:

Need Help? Call Southwest Florida’s Top Garage Roller Repair Experts!

No matter what type of garage door service you need, FL’s top garage door roller repair company is here to help. To schedule garage door roller repair in Naples, Collier County, Charlotte County, Lee County, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, or Marco Island, FL, contact Mo Better Garage today. We’re looking forward to getting you “back on a roll!”

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